Flynn Eclipse portrayed by Kyle Davies (2012)

Flynn James Eclipse (born 17th December 1995) is a student at Beckinfield High School and a librarian at Beckinfield Public Library. He is interested in studying spell work and is a deep beliver in the elements and the power of magic. He feels particularly close to the element of Earth and he is able to speak to ghosts and has been know to converse with many of them in Beckinfield Public Library.

Flynn moved to Beckinfield in late December 2011 and moved into a house on Starslope Road. He lives alone (see past).

On 31st January 2012, Flynn joined the "On the Map" project and started making videos and soon became friends with co-student, Scarlett Johnson and realter at Century 21, Alana Vong.

Flynn attended the Valentine's Date Auction, volunteering to help out Jason Borland with setting up the wires and lighting/sound etc. and he showed himself to begin to really become part of the Beckinfield Community.

Flynn spends a lot of time down at Hidden Star Lake and in Beckinfield Woods and on February 20th 2012 he claimed to find a house in Beckinfield Woods where Groundly Pagnia was keeping Dylana Stein and Billy the Spider captive. Also on this trip he discovered the video camera of Alana Vong and discovered she had been attacked at Hidden Star Lake and was now missing and he began to work to find Alana and to save Dylana.

In late February 2012, Flynn signed up for the Many Pines Karaoke Contest and began to post rehearsal videos of his own song "You" written about a friend who had passed away. On the night of the contest (March 3rd 2012) Flynn was having a great time but was extremly nervous and when it finally came to his turn to sing he couldn't do it and had a breakdown and ran into the Bar& Grill's toilets. Leda Jo found him and comforted him and he was able to go on with the rest of the evening. He was later featured on the Carl Colvin Show singing his song.

After the event Flynn realised he wasn't so alone and he cheered up and began to get back to his normal self, however, the townspeople still wondered what happened to Flynn that made him so depressed but soon it flew from their heads as things began to happen in Beckinfield.

Flynn became an avid protestor at the Anti-Arachnid Discrimination Act (AKA the Billy Bill) fighting for spiders rights along with Dylana Stein, Dr. Kylie Spencer, Scarlett Johnson and many more participants.

On April 1st 2012 Flynn was among the madness at Beckinfield Little Theatre, wittnessing first hand the burning down of the old town building. He worried greatly for his friends who had been present and madly searched the town to make sure everyone was OK, however, he was unsuccessful in finding Leda Jo making him freak out a little. On Easter Sunday he recieved a message from Leda Jo on Frequency 528 and this cheeted him up a lot and he told the Beckinfield Community on Easter Monday that if anyone needed help he would be there to help them.

On April 14th 2012 Flynn organised the Spring Masquerade Ball and hosted the event at the Regal Beagle Hotel. The night seemed to go very well with everyone seeming to enjoy themselves, even Leda Jo joined from her port-sliding adventures. Everything was going great until 9pm when suddenly all the lights went out and their was a sharp ear-splitting noise over the sound system creating much panic. When the lights returned Alana Vong's necklace had been stolen! Flynn was deeply sorry and took her to the police station, a full investigation was launched. When it was announced that Jason Borland was the thief on 22nd April 2012, Flynn was having conflicted emotions, confused as to what his reaction should be. He was unsure whose side he was on, was he sympathetic for Jason or angry at him for causing Alana so much pain?

Flynn recieved warnings from Leda Jo at the Masquerade telling him that sorrow was coming soon but that he must power through it when it comes. He didn't know how to process this, he also recieved a vision of Dr. Spencer warning him of something and him having to leave town because of it around the same time, but he still didn't understand what it meant.

After his absence in the town (see past) he joined the masses at the Occupy the Lake movement that was going around Beckinfield and camped out beside Hidden Star Lake. He continued his job at Leda Jo's Bar& Grill and signed up for the Open Mic Night on June 2nd to perform one of his own songs "Butterfly, Free".


Friends: Scarlett Johnson, Jason Borland, Alana Vong, Jenn Lavender, Nathaniel Hillon, Matilda Rose, Dr. Kylie Spencer, Mersadie Roberts, Dylana Stein, Leda Jo Gupta, Donna Wright, Carl Colvin, Stephen Edmonds, Jacob Rainer, Terry Mcaffrey, Alexander Monrose
Enemies: Anyone who does not respect nature and animals, no one specific


Flynn was born in Canterbury, Kent in England to Joan Maria Santos-Smith and Harrison Flynn Eclipse. Joan had just given up on a degree in medicine at Oxford University. Within a couple of months of Flynn being born Joan and Harrison began to have money issues and so they left Flynn at Moments Fostering Home in Whitstable (a nearby seaside village). Flynn grew up making no friends as he was afraid they would abandon him just like his parents.

Joan and Harrison had three other children, Maria, Jamie and Harry and were now living back in Oxford. On Flynn's 16th birthday he got on a train to London, got to Heathrow airport and got on a plane to LA, from there he found his way to Beckinfield and bought a house of Starslope Road.

When Flynn went missing the fostering home worked hard to discover where Flynn had gone and by April 2012 they contacted Joan and Harrison. The couple decided to book a "holiday" to California in early May with their children and in May they visited Beckinfield and eventually found Flynn. Flynn shouted at them and told them to leave, they eventually did leave but then tried to give Flynn money which he rejected and gave to a local charity in Beckinfield. He swore never to see any of his family again.


Flynn has been known to converse with ghosts that inhabit the library, often with Becca Beckin and he has told a few who have asked he speaks a lot with a young woman called Helena Jones or "The Whispering Wind". He has also been reported as to telling journalist, Jenn Lavender, that Becca relayed a message unto Flynn telling him that "secrets lie beneath those who have secrets to hide and if you search my murky waters perhaps there is something to find".

After Jenn, Scarlett and Nathaniel reported about hearing voice, Flynn and the other three had a meeting about Helena at Leda Jo's Bar and Grill on the 22nd February 2012. After this meeting and discovering a link between one of Nathan's anscestors and Helena, Flynn went to speak to the ghost. The day after he posted a video and he seemed different since and depressed.

We later discover in late June when Helena reappears to Flynn that he was depressed as she had been ignoring his since late February. Helena returned to ask Flynn a favour for him to perform a spell to reveal who her murderer was. He, along with Jenn Lavender and Scarlett Johnson, performed a reveal spell and discovered the murderer of Helena was Graham Hillon however he was never convicted.

In early/mid March Becca returned to the Library and this caused some problems for Flynn as the whole second floor was closed. So along with Matilda Rose the two hatched a plan to investigate the second floor of the Library. On the 19th March 2012 the two went to the second floor to investigate but the whole room went dark, voices whispered to them and they couldn't escape for a long time, eventually the door returned magically and the two escaped. Matilda and Flynn planned to return to discover more.

Just before the end of March Matilda and Flynn returned to the Library a second time and they were split up, both into parrallel dimensions. Flynn got thrown into an ever-changing maze of bookshelves until he saw a bright light and he eventually ended up in the basement of the library finding Matilda and the two ran out and planned to re visit for a third time

On the 31st March Flynn lead a spell casting to speak to the dead spirit of Matilda Rose's mother, Amanda, along with Leda Jo and Donna Wright. It was a great success and the four of them grew strong bonds after the events of that night.

List of Videos

Episode No. Name of Episode Views Raves Release Date
#1 Introductions 45 8 February 2nd 2012
#2 Spells and Rituals 21 7 February 4th 2012
#3 What a Social Weekend! 18 5 February 6th 2012
#4 Fun! Fun! Fun! 19 7 February 8th 2012
#5 Down by the Lake 14 4 February 12th 2012
#6 Bidding 23 7 February 12th 2012
#7 Guess Who I Met in the Library? 18 3 February 14th 2012
#8 Walking to School 29 6 February 16th 2012
#9 Cleansing Spell 16 4 February 17th 2012
#10 Spelling Bee? 21 5 February 18th 2012
#11 If You Go Down To the Woods Today... 27 5 February 20th 2012
#12 Alana Vong Found! 18 6 February 22nd 2012
#13 Talked to Dr. Spencer 11 5 February 23rd 2012
#14 Rehearsing 26 10 February 25th 2012
#15 Lost 14 5 February 27th 2012
#16 Bought Some Tickets 15 5 February 28th 2012
#17 Will Go Into School... 10 3 March 1st 2012
#18 At the Karaoke Contest 1 25 11 March 3rd 2012
#19 At the Karaoke Contest 2 23 12 March 3rd 2012
#20 Apologies and Amendments 12 6 March 5th 2012
#21 Lots and Lots to Talk About 21 7 March 8th 2012
#22 SPIDERS ARE PEOPLE TOO 18 2 March 10th 2012
#23 Becca Problems 30 3 March 13th 2012
#24 Ninja Style 16 5 March 15th 2012
#25 Opening Night Was AMAZING! 18 7 March 17th 2012
#26 Still Amazing! 15 4 March 18th 2012
#27 My Feature on the Carl Colvin Show 26 9 March 18th 2012
#28 Back To Black 15 2 March 20th 2012
BLOG #1 Hide and Seek -------- -------- March 23rd 2012
#29 Legends, Legendary 36 4 March 26th 2012
#30 Off to Squat 16 3 March 28th 2012
#31 In the Dark 19 5 March 28th 2012
#32 Lost in the Library 10 2 March 30th 2012
#33 The Summoning of Amanda Rose 10 3 April 1st 2012
#34 The Events of Last Night 14 5 April 2nd 2012
#35 LEDA JO IS GONE! 24 7 April 3rd 2012
BLOG #2 Update -------- -------- April 5th 2012
#36 Happy Easter! 22 6 April 8th 2012
#37 Messages 14 6 April 9th 2012
#38 Witness Account 4/1/12: Flynn Eclipse 14 4 April 10th 2012
#39 The Never Ending Drums 8 2 April 11th 2012
#40 Squatting, Learning and Chanting 7 1 April 12th 2012
#41 Nervous 4 1 April 13th 2012


72 38 April 14th 2012

Disaster has Struck the Ball

16 9 April 14th 2012
#50 After Ball Thoughts 10 5 April 14th 2012
#51 Drama, Drama, Drama!* 40 8 April 17th 2012
#52 Why Can't We Have Some Peace?! 26 6 April 18th 2012
#53 Warnings 13 4 April 20th 2012
#54 Goodbye Billy 17 10 April 21st 2012
#55 Panicked, Confused... 20 6 April 22nd 2012
#56 Disappointment 17 8 April 24th 2012
#57 What's Going On?! 24 3 April 28th 2012
#58 Theatre Fund* 56 8 April 30th 2012
#59 Excited 29 5 May 2nd 2012
#60 My First Shift 18 5 May 3rd 2012
#61 Hiding 19 4 May 5th 2012
#62 there are no words 13 4 May 12th 2012
#63 YOU!* 52 15 May 13th 2012
#64 Apology to the Citizens of Beckinfiled 13 7 May 14th 2012
#65 Time to Explain 14 5 May 16th 2012
#66 I'm Back 18 7 May 17th 2012
#67 Off to the Lake 22 4 May 18th 2012
#68 Taking a Break from Tent City 22 3 May 22nd 2012
#69 It's HOT! 20 7 May 24th 2012
#70 Never a Dull Moment* 45 7 May 27th 2012
#71 Worried About Doc 17 6 May 29th 2012
#72 Enter Starla 27 3 June 1st 2012
#73 Butterfly, Free 65 8 June 2nd 2012
#74 Open Mic Night 23 6 June 4th 2012
#75 Climb! 28 10 June 8th 2012
#76 Paint Beckinfield 29 10 June 9th 2012
#77 Black Suited Handy Men? 21 4 June 10th 2012
#78 Doc's House 30 11 June 14th 2012
#79 Matilda Rose Possessed?! 35 7 June 17th 2012
#80 Black Suited Lake 22 4 June 20th 2012
#81 Panicking* 73 12 June 22nd 2012
#82 Waiting 31 7 June 25th 2012
#83 The Drama Never Ends 28 7 June 29th 2012
#84 Busy, Busy, Busy 56 8 July 2nd 2012
#85 4th of July 20 5 July 4th 2012
#86 Preparing 36 5 July 7th 2012
#87 Forgotten 29 5 July 9th 2012
#88 Spell On Sunday 20 5 July 12th 2012
BLOG #3 The Spell and other things --------- --------- July 15th 2012
#89 Reveal Spell 24 11 July 16th 2012
#90 What's Been Happening... 36 6 July 20th 2012
#91 Making a Call 39 11 July 22nd 2012
#92 Packing* 16 6 July 23rd 2012
#93 Jetting Off 22 5 July 24th 2012
#94 On the Beach 22 4 July 31st 2012
#95 Returning 16 4 August 6th 2012
#96 Feeling Odd... 23 6 August 17th 2012
#97 Faces 30 7 August 21st 2012
#98 FIND 16 5 August 23rd 2012
#99 SURPRISE! 21 8 August 25th 2012
#100 Drip, Drip, Drip...** 101 23 August 28th 2012
#101 School Soon 18 5 September 1st 2012
#102 He's Here 16 5 September 4th 2012
  • Becki Silver Award
    • Becki Gold Award


Flynn is portrayed by young actor Kyle Davies. Kyle is 16 and lives in England. He loves acting, writing and singing. He has been in many productions since 2007 with his debut in "Alice the Musical" as the King of Hearts, and is currently directing and will be starring in his own play "Oh My God!" in September 2012. At the end of April 2012 he joined a new theatre group; Stairway Theatre Company run by Mhairi Mckinnon.

List of credits:

Production Date(s) Role Director/Production Company Awards
Alice the Musical Jul. 2007 King of Hearts Mrs. Martin/MPJS
The Boy Who Fell Into a Book May. 2008 Monique Marie Quarman/MGS
The Adventures of Huckleburry Finn Mar. 2009 Judith/Sophia Marie Quarman/MGS
Jack and the Beanstalk Dec/Jan. 2009/10 Ensemble (Peasents) Hazlitt Theatre
The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents Mar. 2010 Malicia Marie Quarman/MGS
  • KDA-Nominated for Best Male Youth Player
  • Norman Newcombe Prize for Creativity
Twelfth Night Mar. 2011 Feste (Clown) Tracy Dessoy/MGS
  • Mary Clark Prize for Drama

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